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Ceramic Gaskets
Ceramic Gaskets are useful for high-temperature applications and are functional as the high-temperature insulation for sensitive device in containment of gas, fuel, and small particles. These are highly applicative oil as well as gas sector.
Ceramic Fiber Papers
Ceramic Fiber Paper is an alumino-silicate ceramic fiber-based non-woven material. It is made through a special paper-making procedure with high purity washed strands. It is appropriate for high temperature insulation and has good thermal stability.
Fiber Gaskets
Fiber Gaskets have different sorts of materials included in them such as the cellulose and exotic aramid physical. With as well as without cork, these are useful in applications where a low temperature as well as higher internal pressure is existent.
Non Asbestos Gaskets
Non-Asbestos Gaskets are so-called as these can fill the gap in the variability of gasket materials beforehand occupied by asbestos. These are applicable in oil and gas, chemical processing, petrochemical and process industry.
Metal Anchors
Offered Metal Anchors are employed to secure fixtures in plaster, drywall, and hollow block.  Made from metal, these solid pieces have multiple parts, such as a fastening wall anchor.
Wire Mesh Filters
Wire Mesh filters are fabricated from metal and are used to sieve liquids in machines, industrial equipment and several other applications of large as well as small sizes. These have very fine strands of metal loaded on top of all.
Automobile Seal Gasket

The automobile seal gaskets available in different shapes and sizes are used for sealing two automotive parts to prevent any leakage of fluid or gas. This is done by filling the gap between the parts.

Copper Claded Gaskets

Cladded cladded gaskets are gaskets made from soft filler material with copper jacket. With the ability to withstand pressure and temperature can be used in standard and uneven flanges.

Envelope Gasket

The envelope gasket made from PTFE is designed to provide characteristic and strength to core material. This composite gasket with an inlay is used in applications that demand resistance to chemical and high pressure.

Foundry Filter

Foundry filters are mesh type filters made from stainless steel in different designs and sizes to suit different filtration operations in foundry. The professionals must apply and position each filter carefully to ensure its effectiveness.

Graphite Gasket

Known for their resistance against pressure, temperature and corrosion, graphite gaskets find use in piping system, pumps and other systems and equipment. This type of component is applied to create a seal so that there are no energy losses and heat build-up.